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A good bowling delivery at the foul line requires an amount of kinetic energy in the moment of explosive release. Explosive release is related to force delivered, timing, the technique, precision of the release, among other factors. A good bowler's power should be derived more from their legs than their arms.

A bowler’s ability to the transfer of energy to the bowling ball depends first on the ability to generate that energy. Power-Step is one of the components in the approach that helps to generate that energy for the launch. It is the step in the approach before the slide (picture shows a right-handed bowler in the power-step position).

This is the smallest step in the approach regardless whether it is a 4-step or 5-step delivery and is considered an important posture. Your slide leg and foot should always go straight, while your non-slide leg buckles in. This step would assist the bowler in the delivery of the ball with good timing, leverage, and consistent release. With sufficient slide length, it would also create a flat spot for the application of the complicated release

What do look for in the Power-Step.
First you must locate the position of the fourth step, normally its two-step length from the foul line but it all depends on individual.

Viewing from the side, the bowler needs to have the backswing reaching the optimum height before the sliding begins. Ideally it should not extend more than 90° from the body. It is also critical to ensure the swing is in line with the target as shown in the rear view.

One of the reasons a bowler does not have a aligned swing is because they pull the ball in the backswing and it goes inside of the head. This will cause the arm swing to misdirect. If this posture is not correct, chances is that it’s going to be wrong at your release and loses its power.

At this point, before the slide takes place, the body should be inclined to about 45° and the weight of the body should be on the toe of the right foot; the power step.

To ensure weight transfer from the power step to the finishing position, the right foot should push forward with the sole to facilitate the sliding motion on the sliding foot (just like how a skater slide forward). This helps to maintain the inclined body position towards the foul line. If the body surge upward, it indicated the weight transfer is late.

The video below shows the bowler is ready to execute the power-step drill. In executing this drill, his objective is to push his right foot (see red circle) so that his weight is transfer forward when the ball starts its downswing. In the power step drill, timing is also put in place by ensuring when the sliding foot stops, the ball is at the knee of the trailing (right) leg.

Video - Power Step Drill.
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