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Practice With a Purpose.

Practise is the act of engaging in an activity again and again, for the purpose of improving or mastering it, as in the phrase 'practise makes perfect'.

Effective practice means actually going in the direction you want to go, and doing so in a relatively efficient manner. That means setting goals and actively pursuing them. Sometimes those goals can be small – like a specific skill.

Here we show you some skills you can learn. And to maintain consistency, remember what is the purpose of acquiring these skills. Please approach our coaches for comprehensive assessment to better your understanding of each skill.

Power Step is one of the component in the approach; it is the step before the slide. This important step is the smallest in the approach. This is the step that assist the bowler in the delivery of the bowling ball with good timing and leverage. It also helps in releasing the ball consistently through a flat spot.

So often, I had heard coaches telling their bowlers that their timing is either early, late or on time. So, what is this component of Timing and is it relevant and important in our sport of bowling? When timing is “off”, what would happen? Could we do some changes to fix the timing?

I have covered both power step and timing in my two articles on Power step and Timing. Incorporating both the skills, we go into the next stage known as the Approach would ultimately improve your bowling. Having a good approach gives you the consistency to repeat shots.

Visualisation is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animation to communicate a message. How does visualisation helps a bowler in preparation for major competition?