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Visualisation is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animation to communicate a message through our subconscious mind. This Visualisation techniques have been used by elite athletes to visualise their desired outcomes.

The practice of visualising your goal can rapidly accerelate your achievement of those goal.

Using visualisation techniques to focus on your goal yield the following benefits:

1. It activates your subconscious mind.

2. It programs your brain.

3. It builds internal motivation.

4, It develops confidence.

How does visualisation helps a bowler in preparation for major competition?

For athletes, visualisation process is also known as "mental rehearsal". Imagine if you can see your approach, the shot on the lane with the ball trajectory captured in your subconscious mind during your Pre-shot Routine. These should give confidence to your execution when you actually perform the task.

Try the following steps toward visualisation
    1. Close your eyes and focus on a blank screen infront of you.
    2. See yourself going up to the approach and set yourself up. see as much details as you could
    3. Approach the foul line and deliver the ball.
    4. watch the ball goes down the lane with the trajectory that you are look for.
If you have any question on the visualisation, please email me at anglandseah@gmail.com