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Tools that can help you to up your level.

In this era, technology has been utilsed in all kind of sports to improve on their performaces. In bowling, we invested into modern training tools to help you understand yourself and works toward a better flow in your system.

When you are stuck with your game and want to know more about how to improve yourself in terms of skills and techniques and your desire to step up your game. We are able to help with video analysis and many other tools.

Video Analysis
Every bowler has great assets and opportunities to improve. Let us be your eyes on the lanes and identify those key areas that impact your form and the entire flow.

Our video analysis package includes:

  • Coach’s voiceover commentary throughout video.
  • Slow motion review of head and body position at release.
  • In depth look at footwork, spine tilt, arm swing and release.
  • Suggested drills and adjustments.

Line Targeting System (Torch)
To visualize the ball path from the foul line to the breakpoint, we have the 'Torch'. It allows bowlers to see the initial path of the bowling ball and help with the accuracy and alignment.


  • Helps define a bowlers starting point
  • Helps bowlers to see the laydown point
  • Helps keep the swing path in-line with the target path
  • Helps keep the head stable throughout the approach
  • Shows how the target changes if a bowler drifts left or right

Tracking System

Using the most advance ball tracking system SPECTO Bowling™, it does not only provide shot related data to you but also provides amazing practice tools allowing you to focus, practice efficiently and improve faster. Bowlers can easily evaluate their performances with our before and after reports and choose the right path to follow.