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Training Programmes

AJS Bowling Academy programmes are holistic and it manages several skill development programs designed to develop your bowling knowledges techniques as an individual and team player.

These programmes start from the absolute beginner's level and range through programmes that can take you through a pathway leading to the selection into the National Youth Squad.

Our systemic approach maximizes every individual's potential and helps them to learn.

Bowling is a popular sport with families and friends. To enjoy the game, you have to start somewhere. Regardless of age, this programme give an insight to new participant to the game or fornthose who have some knowledge and are interested to know more in order to play the game better.

This programme is designed to cater for all new-comer to the sports of ten-pin bowling. It is ideal for participants from 9 years old and above.

In this programme, you will be learning the necessary fundamental skills that requires a good flow during the approach to releasing the ball.

Now, you have a firm grasp of the bowling fundamentals and the physical game, you want to submerge yourself into everything bowling. It is time to go for it and mastering the fundamental skills.

In this program, you willl learn the sport of 10-pin bowling in more details.

Topics inludes technical and tactical aspect of bowling, the different approaches and the appropriate equipments for these approaches. Experienced/inexperienced bowlers are welcome to participate.

P3-Competitive Bowler
You are involved in competitive leagues, school competitons, local and overseas competitions and you bowl real hard. Presently, you are stuck and wants to cross over to the next threshold in your competition. You don't know what to do and needs help.

You can enrol into this programme to up your game.

You will be analysed with our lastest technology and understand what are the issues that you should rectify in order for you to bowl better.

P4-National Youth Development Program-Centre Of Excellence (NYDP-COE)
Do you have a desire to be in the National Program and pit your skills against the best? This program is designed as the pathway for bowlers and it offer support to those athletes wishing to enter the National Development Squad. This is a three level programme that is endorsed by our National Sports Association (NSA), Singapore Bowling Federation (SBF).

This programme provides serious athletes with a structured training and performance are measures to hone their skills in readiness for selection at the end of the year.